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SignKing is an expert banner printing shop in San Diego. We print all types of banners and delivers them all over the USA. We offer any size custom banner printing on all possible standard banner printing materials like flex, star flex, vinyl, eco-solvent vinyl and HP digital material.

Whether big signboards or big banners or small yard signs we experts in all possible custom banner printing. Using all new HD printing with instant dry ink assures the best banner quality. The print quality on our banners is 100% highest quality and resolution guaranteed. Our San Diego banner printing shop provides 100's of standard sizes and custom sizes too. Materials include vinyl (13oz, 18oz and 26oz), fabric, super flat and mesh materials. We also carry teardrop and feather flags in all sizes along with retractable roll up banners with dozens of choices and even red carpet backdrops.

We deliver same day banner printing service for your business banners, flags, and Signs on the same day. Get our discount offer for banner printing today. We offer online banner printing service for print banners online in any size whether custom banner printing or big banner printing. For banner printing in San Diego, you are in the right place.


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Banner Printing products

Vinyl Banner

Vinyl Banners in San Diego

Our Specialty!


Using all brand-new HD printers, latex printing provides stunning High Definition images and printing. Whether temporary or permanent, our Printed Vinyl Banners are the perfect choice to get the word out in an economical way. Standard or custom sizes available. Make a statement with a Vinyl banner by Sign King. Vinyl can be used inside and outdoors for long term applications. 13oz vinyl banners are the industry standard but you can also upgrade to thicker 15oz or 18oz Material. We offer local service for Vinyl Banner Printing in San Diego as well as FREE overnight shipping in the US lower 48 states.


If you need something faster, feel free to call or email us and ask if we can do it!


Vinyl Banner Material Types

  • 13oz banner - Industry standard, Good for both indoors and out
  • 15oz banner - Heavier Duty, Good for both indoors and out, Good for long term applications outdoors
  • 18oz banner 1-sided - Extra heavy duty, Smoother surface, Good for both indoors and out, Good for long term applications outdoors
  • 18oz banner 2-sided - Great for when you need a 2-sided banner such as a pole banner with pole pockets, Good for both indoors and out


Looking for soft fabric banners or mesh banners?


Banner Finishing Options

  • Hemming - included, optional
  • Grommets - included, optional, Grommets are metal rings oy eyelets that are punched around the edges
  • Pole Pockets - available at additional charge (No hemming or grommets possible with pole pockets)
  • Ropes - available at additional charge
  • Wind Slits - available at additional charge, half bottom circles that allow air to pass through


Sizing: Max Single Print size: 1800" by 192" or 192" by 1800" (150.0 feet by 16 feet) or (16 feet by 150.0 feet)

We can print up to 16'x150' feet banners in one piece with no seam! Larger banners are no problem either, we can just weld multiple panels together.



*Pricing is rounded up to the nearest whole foot.

**Minimum cost for small banners rounds up. If you have a bulk order of small banners, please contact us for a custom rate.

***Banners over 1000 square feet or 9' on both sides may need to be shipped via Fed Ex Freight at cost.



Vinyl Banner store location in San Diego

Our vinyl banner printing shop in San Diego offers both local pick up as well as FREE overnight shipping in the US lower 48 states. Our vinyl banner store is located in San Diego, California and is known across the US. Pick up available in San Diego and surrounding areas. If you need help placing you vinyl banner order, please call us 619-295-2700.



This No Curl banner Stand is a cost-effective way of getting your message across. Perfect for events and major campaigns where everything from price to assembly time is crucial. The design is discreetly simple and you can put it up in less than a minute. Weighted rod makes the stand perfectly steady.


- Long lasting high quality made stands


- Focus on the graphic with almost invisible profiles


- Easy to change graphic anywhere with no tools needed



Tags: Banner Stand, Trade Show, Exhibit


Mesh Banner in San Diego

Our print shop in San Diego offers mesh banner printing.

Mesh Banners work great for larger banners and banners that hang on a fence or high up in the air. By allowing about a 1/3 more air flow then regular banners with a hole pattern, mesh reduces the flapping and stress caused by the wind.


*Minimum cost per unit is $60, all orders under $60 are rounded up. If you have a bulk order please contact us.


Max Sizes: 10' x 30' for 2-4 day turnaround. 16' x 300' in a single piece for 5-8 day turnaround. Larger sizes possible by sewing panels together.


The Grasshopper Indoor Adjustable Banner Stand is a versatile X style banner stand that features adjustable graphic widths and heights. Constructed of lightweight anodized silver aluminum the Grasshopper is light yet durable. Graphic widths range from 24" to 31.5" and graphic height adjust from 63" to 71". Choose from our standard graphic sizes or anywhere in between. Custom graphics are UV printed on 13oz scrim vinyl and finished with a 1" double stitch hem on the top and bottom edges with white thread and #2 brass grommets in each corner. Graphics install easily by simply attaching the grommets on the corresponding hooks on the stand. Once the banner is attached, hoist up the support pole and lock it into place once the desired tension is reached. A black drawstring travel bag with carry handle is included with all Graphic Package and Hardware Only orders.


Graphic Packages Include:

  • (1) Grasshopper Banner Stand Hardware
  • (2) Graphic Arms
  • (1) Travel Bag
  • (1) Single Sided Vinyl Graphic



Template Dimensions:

Ranges from 24"W x 63"H to 31.5"W x 71"H



Shipping Weight and Size:

3 lbs (Graphic Package)

2 lbs (Hardware Only)

1 lbs (Graphic Only)



48"L x 4"W x 4"H (Graphic Package)

48"L x 4"W x 4"H (Hardware Only)

24" to 36"L x 4"W x 4"H (Graphic Only)



Fabric Banner in San Diego.

Dye-sublimation simplies the challenge of full process imaging. There are no limitations on size because panels can be sewn together. Fabrics can be dry cleaned and folded up without wrinkling for easy travel. This fabric also works well in photos since it does not reflect light as much as regular banner printing.


Stretch Fabric Banner

Thickness: 8.08 oz
Printing Process: Dye Sublimation, Direct-to-Fabric 
Finish: Soft Look, Bright Colors
Maximum Media Width: 122"
Also Known As: Tension Fabric
Features: Knit, 100 % Polyester


Roll Up Fabric Banner

Thickness: 12 oz
Printing Process: Dye Sublimation, Direct-to-Fabric
Finish: Satin, matte
Maximum Media Width: 70"
Also Known As: Banner Fabric, Satin, or Retractable Fabric
** This material should stay on a roll and should not be folded to avoid creasing


Mesh Fabric Banner

Thickness: 0.135 mm (5.3 mil)
Printing Process: Dye Sublimation, Direct-to-Fabric
Finish: Soft Look, Bright Colors
Maximum Media Width: 72"
Also Known As: Flag Material
Features: Knit (Non-Stretch), 100% Polyester


Backlit Fabric Banner

Thickness: 7 oz 
Printing Process: UV Cured
Finish: Semi-gloss (unlit), vibrant (backlit)
Maximum Media Width: 98"
Features: Knit



Sign King offer Super Flat Banner Printing of grey back material for use in retractable and display stands. This Super Flat Banner material has a grey back so light doesnt come through. Its meant for use with retractable banner stands as a replacement film.


Finish: Matte

Maximum Media Width: 86"


Recommended for: 

  • L Banner Stands
  • Silverstep Retractable Banner Stands
  • Steppy Retractable Banner Stands
  • Econo Roll Retractable Banner Stands
  • Baby Step Retractable Banner Stands
  • Contour Retractable Banner Stands
  • Portable Retractable Banner Stands
  • Maui Retractable Banner Stands
  • Silverwing Retractable Banner Stands
  • Doublestep Retractable Banner Stands

Recommended for indoor use.



18oz vinyl banners printing is great for a thicker stronger banner or for street pole banners


*Minimum cost per unit is $60, all orders under $60 are rounded up. If you have a bulk order please contact us.


Material Types

• 18oz banner printed 1-sided

• 18oz banner printed 2-sided



Finishing Options

Hemming - included

Grommets / Eyelits - included

Ropes - available at additional charge


Pole Pockets - available at additional charge


Max Single Print size: 1800" by 192" or 192" by 1800" (150.0 feet by 16 feet) or (16 feet by 150.0 feet)


Make a statement with a Vinyl banner by Sign King. Vinyl can be used inside and outdoors for long term applications. 13oz vinyl banners are the industry standard. They can be printed 1 sided or 2-sided. For two sided banners, we can print two banners and hem them together for a total of 26oz thickness.


*Minimum cost per unit is $50, all orders under $50 are rounded up. If you have a bulk order please contact us at [email protected]


Additional info:


  • Banner up to 5'x20' in size can usually be completed the next business day. For larger banners please allow 2 working days.
  • Same day rush is available on banners up to 5' x 20' 1-sided only. Just order by 1pm  -> ready same day at 4pm -  double cost
  • Please allow an additional 1-2 working days to displayed turn time for any finishing such as ropes or pole pockets.


Finishing Options

  • Hemming - included
  • Grommets / Eyelits - included
  • Pole Pockets - available at additional charge
  • Ropes - available at additional charge
  • Wind Slits - included upon request

Max Single Print size: 1800" by 192" or 192" by 1800" (150.0 feet by 16 feet) or (16 feet by 150.0 feet)


Recommended reviews for Sign King's banner printing services.

5.0 star rating Doug D - 10-26-2017
Really impressed with this business. I have used their services for business cards, banners, stickers, and more and I am impressed with the quality, turnaround time, and friendly staff. I would recommend using this company!
5.0 star rating Emma T - 09-21-2017
I love working with Sign King. Jamaica and Sequoia always helps me with every project and most of the time its last min things. The work is amazing and always on time. Sequoia is so cool! I call her 5 times a day when we work together and she always calls me back when I leave a message. Some times I don't know how to express to her what I want or need but she gets me ! Thank you Sign King for helping me and my business.
5.0 star rating Casey O - 09-19-2017
Sign king is the go to printer for my team. We've had them print everything from business cards, to luxury magazines. They are highly responsive, offer quick and clear direction for print formatting, and swift turnaround times. The paper quality and color matching can't be beat. I've worked with other printing vendors, and as a graphic designer I can say not many have as much attention to detail as Sign king.
5.0 star rating Kevin C - 08-24-2017
Amazing service and quality. I am a Realtor and I recently ordered new yard "For Sale" signs & open house signs. They were super helpful with putting together my artwork, highly knowledgeable on what the best materials are & with great/prompt communication. All while being very well priced against other bids I received. All my future print business will go to Sign King.
5.0 star rating Maddie S - 10-19-2017
Sign King has been incredible to work with me and my team to help us get ready for our big event! Jamaica has been so helpful and patient as we continue to iterate our final designs. The service at Sign King is amazing and FAST which when it comes to printing and production couldn't be more appreciated :) Couldn't recommend this printing shop more!
5.0 star rating Sunny R - 02-09-2017
Sign King go out of their way to make sure our company is always happy with the many items we order. Great prices and turn around on products! Highly recommend!
5.0 star rating Sonia S - 12-14-2016
Jamaica a good and dear friend of mine for many years, has helped me finish designing my company logo. This has been such a fun and exciting process for me. Thank you for all your help, guidance and hard work. You have outdone yourself again my dear friend. Infinite thanks! Sign King's are dependable, affordable and just plain AWESOME! I will use no one else.