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Fabric Banner in San Diego.

Dye-sublimation simplies the challenge of full process imaging. There are no limitations on size because panels can be sewn together. Fabrics can be dry cleaned and folded up without wrinkling for easy travel. This fabric also works well in photos since it does not reflect light as much as regular banner printing.


Stretch Fabric Banner

Thickness: 8.08 oz
Printing Process: Dye Sublimation, Direct-to-Fabric 
Finish: Soft Look, Bright Colors
Maximum Media Width: 122"
Also Known As: Tension Fabric
Features: Knit, 100 % Polyester


Roll Up Fabric Banner

Thickness: 12 oz
Printing Process: Dye Sublimation, Direct-to-Fabric
Finish: Satin, matte
Maximum Media Width: 70"
Also Known As: Banner Fabric, Satin, or Retractable Fabric
** This material should stay on a roll and should not be folded to avoid creasing


Mesh Fabric Banner

Thickness: 0.135 mm (5.3 mil)
Printing Process: Dye Sublimation, Direct-to-Fabric
Finish: Soft Look, Bright Colors
Maximum Media Width: 72"
Also Known As: Flag Material
Features: Knit (Non-Stretch), 100% Polyester


Backlit Fabric Banner

Thickness: 7 oz 
Printing Process: UV Cured
Finish: Semi-gloss (unlit), vibrant (backlit)
Maximum Media Width: 98"
Features: Knit


 PDF file fill scale, no bleeds

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