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Fine Art Canvas brings your photos to life. Now you can create your own custom gallery at your home or office. Other uses include High-quality reproduction of original art or archival printing also known as Giclee prints.


*Minimum cost per unit is $60, all orders under $60 are rounded up. If you have a bulk order please contact us.


Usung all new hp latex inks our machines produce stunning HD images which can last up to 200 years (Indoor away from direct sunlight)





Great for stretching and framing. Roll width is 74 inches. All orders are provided on a roll. We do not offer any stretching or framing.



Max Single Print size: 74" x 240" or 240" x 74"

PDF Full full size or TIFF at 125 DPI with LZW compression checked.


** We recommend building in 2" of bleed on all 4 sides (or more depending on your needs) into your files if you plan on wrapping the printed image around a frame . Bleeds or extra material must be built into your file and print size.

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