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Adhesive Vinyl Reflective

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Catadioptric glass beads embedded within a transparent layer of plastic give Oralite 5600 a retro-reflective surface. This material conforms well and is resistant to corrosion and solvents. Removable with heat. 5-Mil thickness.


Oralite 5600 Reflective Film

• Fleet Engineer Grade for long-term outdoor applications

• 4.3-5.5 mils, Solvent polyacrylate, permanent, removable by heat

• Good adaptability to corrugations or rivets

• Durability: Up to 7 years depending on conditions and useage


Max Single Print size:  52" x 120", Over 52 inches will be spliced with a .4 inch overlay at our discretion. If you need your image spliced in a particular place, please splice and order with two or more seperate files.

 Files should be provided at full scale as PDF or TIFF (lzw compression at 125DPI) 

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