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Flip Cards 4D (21pt)

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Turnaround Ready to ship / pick-up: Mon, January 14th (after 3pm) Estimated ship date: 10 Days after artwork approval

4D Prints is a Lenticular product that allows you to have two or three different pictures in one. We take your images and create a swapping effect, each image vanishing and then reappearing from one to another as you move it up and down. There is a backing that can also be printed in normal 4 color process. Total thickness with both plastic 4D viewer and backing is 21pt. Only the front side will have the 4D effect.


Our lenticular sheets are 75 LPI. LPI means Lenticules Per Inch.


We require regular .125" bleed for 4D prints. The total bleed should be .125" added to the cut size. For example, if you are ordering a business card the final size you should upload is 3.625 x 2.125. The files should still be CMYK and 300dpi as normal. There are some other rules you should follow as well when setting up the front of a 4D card


  • - Dark solid colored and/or textured backgrounds work well.
  • - White and light colored areas are transparent, other views / flips will show through white areas causing a ghosting effect. White and light colored areas only work well if each view has white/light colors in the exact same area.
  • - Use bold san sarif fonts.
  • - Avoid small, fine and thin type. Fonts get distorted through the lens / plastic surface, so the bolder the better.
  • - Text that varies from view to view / file to file should NOT overlap, it should be in different positions on each view.
  • - 4D effect works best when the variation from image to image is subtle and simple.


Another thing to keep in mind is how many files will be uploaded. It depends if you pick a two or three image transition.

Two Image Flip:

  • 4/0 = Two images for the front only
  • 4/4 = Two images for the front, one image for the back


Three Image Flip:

  • 4/0 = Three images for the front only
  • 4/4 = Three images for the front, one image for the back


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