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Files should always be converted into CMYK before submitting for print so you know what to expect. If you submit a RGB file you may not be satisfied with your job.



Why does your monitor look different then your printed project?


- There are several color models, but the two biggest are RGB and CMYK.


- RGB is the color model for light. Anything that deals with or needs light to function – think of TVs, computer screens, movie projectors, digital cameras, and phones – will work with the RGB model. To make things easy, color models are known by their primary colors, so, RGB stands for red, green, and blue.


- CMYK is the color model for print. The primary colors for this color model are cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Printers do not have the added white ink.


- Because colors are created differently in each, there are going to be certain discrepancies when you move from one model to another, like from a business card design on your computer screen that gets printed out.


- Also problematic is that it’s possible to create millions of shades of color your computer, but not every shade is possible to replicate with ink.


- The best way to minimize shifting is to start your printed projects in cmyk color mode to begin with.



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